Making constructive conversations a part of our everyday lives

We want to promote the communication with and between different kinds of people, in a constructive and hopeful way. This communication will be about the realities of the climate catastrophe and humanity which suffers in a myriad of ways.

Tearing down obstacles to cooperation

It’s our goal to look into human phenomena to understand what makes cooperation difficult, and to dismantle these obstacles together with other actors. We want to be a cross pollinator between different agents – not answerable to anyone or dependent on any outside institution. However, our goals are similar to the UN’s objectives: increased wellbeing and competence in people, more developed economic systems, a sustainable system of food production, a universal access to decarbonised energy, and the safeguarding of the global commons.

Diversification of our view of humanity

It’s our aim to diversify our – and others’ – view of humanity, the world and our background assumptions to be more in accordance with the realities of the climate catastrophe and the myriad ways in which humanity suffers – and yet remain hopeful. This doesn’t mean that we have an idea of how our view of humanity and the world and our background assumptions should develop: the process will change us as well.